Image by Avel Chuklanov

This Is Our Story

About Us

We are family run company passionate about our country and heritage, come join our family and enjoy the beauty that can only be experienced in stunning Tanzania. Enjoy a trip of a lifetime, completely customized to your liking by experts you can trust. 

What is special about Tanzania Pride Tours compared to other tour companies?

First of all, we’re really locals. We know hidden corners of the touristic places, we can introduce you to the people and the environment. With us tourists can get to know real Tanzanian life and not just follow packed tours. As for me, it’s much better than booking an all inclusive tour with big international companies that have no idea of what Tanzania is.

Secondly, we always treat our clients as friends. We chat, we share stories, we explain local way of living.

And last, but not least, we arrange all adventures according to client’s budget and wishes. Sometimes you have very tight budget, but you want to experience as much as possible – we thoroughly discuss client’s desires and design the trips personally for each.

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