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Interview with the Owners of Kilitanzania Pride Tours

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Martha and Daniel, heads of Tanzania Pride Tours

Martha and Daniel, heads of Tanzania Pride Tours

Why did you decide to open your tour company?

Traveling has always been my passion. It is so exciting to be a traveler, but it’s also expensive. I couldn’t afford traveling myself, so I decided to share with others what my country has to offer to them.

What is special about Tanzania Pride Tours compared to other tour companies?

First of all, we’re really locals. We know hidden corners of the touristic places, we can introduce you to the people and the environment. With us tourists can get to know real Tanzanian life and not just follow packed tours. As for me, it’s much better than booking an all inclusive tour with big international companies that have no idea of what Tanzania is.

Secondly, we always treat our clients as friends. We chat, we share stories, we explain local way of living.

And last, but not least, we arrange all adventures according to client’s budget and wishes. Sometimes you have very tight budget, but you want to experience as much as possible – we thoroughly discuss client’s desires and design the trips personally for each.

What is the most memorable tour that you have organized?

Interesting question, I have to think… Yes, maybe this one: there was an Indian couple from Singapore that got engaged on the top of Kili! They actually planned to do it in Zanzibar on a luxurious beach, but when they reached the top together, the guy realized it was the only right place. Just imagine: no preparation, the girl was packed in winter clothes, without make-up, but her smile was sooo wide! The whole team was happy for them, they sang Tanzanian wedding songs and celebrated together.

And then they had to carry the happy bride back (laughing). She was so excited, but so exhausted. Climbing Kili is not that easy, you know…

Which tour is your favorite?

Safari in Ngorongoro, definitely. You can see lots of things in one place, not just animals. The crater itself is majestic, created as a result of a volcanic eruption. And then, seeing human – the Maasai tribes – living in harmony with wild animals is a very special experience. In my opinion, Ngorongoro offers much more than even Serengeti, it’s a unique place.

What is the most important for you in organizing adventures for other people?

I would say - to give them a memorable adventure, an adventure that I would like to have myself. And to make them know real Tanzania. It’s such a pity that tourists usually are very short of time. They go on tours and come back directly to the airport. I wish they have more time to see how different and unique Tanzanian life is. There’re more than just animals here, I swear.

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