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Waterfalls and Hot Springs

Waterfalls and Hot Springs

Most people know or at least have heard about Kilimanjaro or Serengeti National Park, however, there are many other activities and places to visit close to Arusha! Today’s post will give you a few examples of where to visit during your stay in Tanzania. A must thing to do is have an incredible one-day trip to some of the amazing waterfalls near Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru and visit Hot Springs.

Materuni Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the north of Tanzania and it’s located in the massif of Kilimanjaro. The waterfall is approx. 150 m high and falls from a cliff, surrounded by beautiful tropical landscape scenery. Around there are coffee, banana and avocado plantations, cultivated by the famous Chaga farmers. Materuni Waterfall is quite close to Moshi town, and from Arusha, it takes about 2h 45min by public transport to get there. The hiking part is approx. 8km and it’s pretty easy, especially if it’s not raining. Just a good pair of shoes! On the slopes of Mount Meru, just a couple of km from Arusha is the beautiful Napuru Waterfall, and Kilimanjaro offers also many other waterfalls such as Maranguru Falls Kinukamori and Ndoro Waterfalls!

One of Tanzania’s hidden gems is Kikuketwa Hot Springs, which are located approx. 1,5 hours from Moshi and 2h 45min from Arusha. Fig trees and their twisted roots… Crystal, azure water… The scenery is astonishing. There are also palm trees and dignified baobabs nearby. The water comes from Kilimanjaro and has to be said that even though the place is called ‘Hot Springs’ the water is not extremely hot. However, the water temperature is just perfect to cool off on a sunny day – not too hot, not too cold! A must-see place!

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